Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our Facility is located in Croydon South

What is the minimum storage period?

The minimum storage period is one month

What are the Storage Facility hours?

You can access the Storage facility 24/7 once you have your initial access code which will be issued during business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Why do I need to sign a storage agreement?

Yes, a storage agreement needs to be signed. It sets out the terms and conditions of the relationship between the storage operator and the storer which sets out the rights and obligations of each party.

Do I get a refund if I move out earlier than expected?

As the contract is month to month, we only refund whole months of pre-paid rent. If you know when you would like to move out please let us know before making a payment so we can pro-rate the payment if need.

How does billing work?

Our contracts are a continuous month to month until you let us know when you would like to move out. You will be issued with an Invoice 2 week prior to payment. You can also pre-pay 6 or 12 months in advance to receive a discount. This will need to be organise prior to you commencing leasing the Storage unit.

If we run out of space, what options do we have?

If you run out of space you have 2 options. You can either transfer your stored items into a larger unit that is available, or you can lease out a second storage unit. You will need to complete a new storage agreement.

Can I give my code to others e.g. removalist or relatives?

It is recommended that you don’t give your code out to anyone who is not an authorised/nominated person to have access on you storage agreement. This is to protect your valuable items as well as other people using the storage facility.

Is the site secure?

We do everything we can to make sure your items are kept safe. We have 24hr video surveillance through-out the facility. Each individual storage unit door is monitored that if any usual door activity occurs it is reported to our monitoring company. A call will be made to the Unit holder to check the activity, who will then decide on further assistance e.g to investigate themselves or to send a security car to investigate at the unit holders’ cost.

Do I need to get Insurance or am I already insured?

No, you are not automatically insured. We strongly recommend obtaining contents insurance for you stored items.

What security is there at the storage Facility?

We have a swipe access system for entry and exit at the main entrance door. The same swipe system also gives access to you assigned storage unit. We have security cameras through-out the facility to show all angles and access points, which runs 24hrs, 7 days a week.

What happens if I lose my swipe card

If you lose your swipe card please let us know straight away. We will cancel the access for the lost swipe and a new one issued for a set fee.